Neutral + Green

Neutral + Green

Calm-Modern-Interior-Design-With-white-wall-wooden-table-chair-lamp-sofa-pillow-plant-pot-window-sliding-glass-door-hardwood-floor ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? houseplants-interiorsLove how a little green goes a long way.  It just makes me happy.  Maybe its the good feng shui or the healthy oxygen they produce.  Or maybe it’s because they aren’t exactly permanent (I can kill a cactus).  I tend to keep to neutral finish schemes so the pop of living green is a great add.  Here are some more added benefits on indoor plants from Brightnest:

Common cold: Indoor plants increase humidity levels and decrease dust, reducing cold-related illnesses by more than 30 percent.

Drowsiness: Excess carbon dioxide can elevate drowsiness levels. During photosynthesis, plants remove carbon dioxide from the air.

Stress: Houseplants can contribute to a feeling of well being, making you calm and optimistic. Plus, plants have been known to lower blood pressure due to their stress-relieving nature.

Headache: Indoor plants create oxygen and lower the carbon dioxide level, so you’re less likely to be breathing the musty, stale air that contributes to headaches.

Allergies: Exposing your children to plant-related allergies early in life works like a custom allergy shot and will build your child’s immunity.

Congestion: Some plants, like eucalyptus, can help clear phlegm and congestion from your system. It opens bronchial passages, and clears mucus during colds, flu, or bronchitis. It acts as a natural antiseptic. Use eucalyptus as an inhalant and don’t eat it. It has a high toxicity internally.

Dry skin: Plants are a natural humidifier, and can soften the air and increase the moisture level in your home. Try a pot of English ivy for increased moisture if you live in a dry climate.

Insomnia: Since plants give off oxygen, they can help improve your night’s sleep. Some plants, like gerbera daisies, release oxygen at night, so place them by your bed for optimal oxygen while you slumber.

I may be having a love affair with my Fiddle Fig….caught myself actually talking to him today as I sprayed his leaves- yes its a him and he listens…


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