Life List 2015

Life List 2015


So I’m not one to have New Years resolutions but last year I did start a “Life List” and it was really helpful in keeping things in focus.  I think of it as almost a bucket list for the year.  So it’s that time again and I’ve started to ponder on what I want to achieve and obtain in 2015- yikes!

1. Grow my Business

Keeping this one to myself right now but I’ve got a plan to do what I love no matter how hard the path is.  Have a lot to do on this front but staying the course.  I love the freedom of doing my own thing to ever go back to the corporate world.   Lots of good things to come…I feel it!

2. Travel

Seeing new places and discovering new things is almost an obsession for me.  I have to and will continue to travel in 2015- I’d really like to stamp my passport again to anywhere.  A few spots on the list are Sonoma, New Orleans, New York (again because I’m in love with it) and Los Angeles.

3. Continue Fitness Routine and Eating Clean

I’ve done a great job making this a priority and will continue to.  I love to eat too much so I have to stay in shape.  My personal trainer gave me my bikini butt and I intend on keeping it in 2015!!  Thanks Josh @ Unification Point

4. Photography

Photography has always been my side passion.  I was able to use my skills thanks to the amazing ladies at Ciro’s Loft who allowed me to shoot some incredible art pieces for their website.  Hope to continue this fun passion and incorporate using my Wacom tablet that didn’t get a lot of use in 2014..

5. Get Organized

Can I just hire someone for this?  I think I’m a pretty well organized person but there’s always room for improvement on this.  Especially this last year going in so many different directions I realized my daily to-do list may not be enough.  May need to try a few apps seen HERE


Well this one is ongoing….as my sister told me this morning my theme song is “Blank Space” by Taylor Swift- oh boy…thx sis for the laugh!

So what’s on your Life List for 2015?  Day 3 of 365….get started and GO!

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