Foodie Documentaries

Foodie Documentaries




The past few months I’ve had a bit of down time you could say (after quitting my insanely stressful job with no job lined up) so what better time to get caught up on Netflix- right?!  I’m a total foodie and wine snob, cooking is a therapy for me as is drinking (more lately than none).  I came across these two documentaries and had to highlight them.

SOMM follows a group of guys studying to take the prestigious sommelier test which only a few pass each year.  It was crazy to see how intense these guy were and the pressure they are under.  They sacrifice a lot, very cool doc- must see…on Netflix

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The other I came across was The Mind of a Chef with David Chung.  I guess it was a show on PBS.  I fell in love with David Chung and his noodle bowls.  I had never heard of this guy (sorry chef) but his take on creating normal everyday dishes into something extraordinary was amazing to watch and he’s hilarious.  I could be friends with him for sure….so search, watch and you will definitely be craving some noodles afterwards…..

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