Dream Catchers

Dream Catchers



I came across this image of the bedroom in last months Living Etc. magazine. I initially was drooling over the black accent wall and overall feel but than I looked closer and saw the dream catcher and thought what a cool piece to bring in some texture and it’s really a piece of art.  I’ve always had a thing about dreams, I used to analyze and google the meaning of mine and still to this day when life gets me out of my mind stressed I have the same reoccurring dream; I’m always trapped in an elevator that is falling and turning and I’m being tossed from side to side, it’s awful.  Could a dream catcher keep that away?

Native Americans believe that the night air is filled with dreams both good and bad. The dream catcher when hung over or near your bed swinging freely in the air, catches the dreams as they flow by. The good dreams know how to pass through the dream catcher, slipping through the outer holes and slide down the soft feathers so gently that many times the sleeper does not know that he/she is dreaming. The bad dreams not knowing the way get tangled in the dream catcher and perish with the first light of the new day.

Electric Love NYC has some really beautiful ones that are kinda making me drool and rethinking my headboard…..take a peek.

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