2015 // Workout Regimen

2015 // Workout Regimen


I find that if I keep my fitness wear fun and sexy I tend to workout better and look forward to it (I’m sure this is just mental but whatever works right?).  Since I work from home I do tend to wear a lot of lounge/athletic clothing.  So I’m calling out a few pieces that I want to add to the gym bag.

Thanks to Erika Brechtel (the creative genius that created my branding) I have been jamming out to her December playlist while boxing- thanks E!  Speaking of boxing who knew I would end up loving it as much as I do, so much I might need to invest in my own pink gloves.  The ankle weights I’ve been wanting not only for working out but I walk Bo (my 4 legged baby for those who don’t follow my instagram) all over downtown and figure if I’m walking so much why not add weights..hello??  I still haven’t purchased the fit bit but now that they’ve glammed it up with Tory Burch I just might have to buy one now….and lastly Isabel Marant- need I say more?  Those shoes are fab, I’d get a lot of work done in those!!  Here’s to kicking ass in 2015 and lookin’ good doing it…..


  1. LUCY / 2. Everlast / 3.Top / 4. Weights / 5. FitBit / 6. Playlist / 7. Pants / 8. Sneakers

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